Poached Salmon Tray/Garnished
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Hot and Cold Smoked Salmon TRAY
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Prices below are regular full prices and do not reflect the sale prices which are in the order form. ​​​​Thanksgiving sale trays may also be ordered and pre-paid by phone or in the store.


Burhop’s Famous Cocktail Shrimp
Our freshly cooked cocktail shrimp and our special Burhop's Cocktail Sauce on a beautifully garnished tray.
    2 lbs. Shrimp Tray (Medium)                 $ 69.95    (Feeds 10-15)
    3 lbs. Shrimp Tray (Large)                    $ 99.95    (Feeds 20-30)
    4 lbs. Shrimp Tray (X Large)                 $129.95    (Feeds 30 +)
Burhop’s Shrimp & Claws
Includes 1, 1 1/2 or 2 lbs. of Burhop’s freshly cooked shrimp and an equal amount of either Jonah or Snow Crab claws,

depending on availability. Includes both our Cocktail Sauce and our Stone Ground Mustard Sauce.
    2 lbs. Shrimp & Claws (Medium)            $ 89.95    (Feeds 10-20)
    3 lbs. Shrimp & Claws (Large)               $129.95    (Feeds 20-30)
    4 lbs. Shrimp & Claws (X Large)            $169.95    (Feeds 30+)
Burhop’s Poached Salmon Fillets
We custom poach our carefully boned fresh salmon fillets in an authentic court bouillon and arrange them on a beautifully garnished tray.

The centerpiece of any buffet or dinner party,  it comes with a healthy serving of our delicious Sour Cream Dill Sauce.

NB: If this is for a buffet, it will serve more people, if it's the main course, you should allow at least 4 oz. per person. 
    2 lbs. Poached Salmon Tray        $ 69.95         (Feeds 5-10)
    3 lbs. Poached Salmon Tray        $ 99.95         (Feeds 10-15)

    4 lbs. Poached Salmon Tray        $129.95        (Feeds 15-20)

    5 lbs. Poached Salmon Tray        $159.95        (Feeds 20-25)
    6 lbs. Poached Salmon Tray        $189.95        (Feeds 25+)

Burhop's Hot & Cold Smoked Salmon

Our cold smoked salmon is from Ducktrap Farms in Maine, and our hot smoked salmon is custom smoked for us locally. A real crowd pleaser, it's easy to replenish the tray with some extra salmon. Beautifully garnished with capers and chopped red onion in scallop shells.The large tray has 1 lb. each of hot and cold smoked salmon, the extra large tray has 2 lb.s of each.

   2 lb. Hot & Cold Smoked Salmon Tray      $89.95     (Feeds 10 - 20) 

   4 lb. Hot & Cold Smoked Salmon Tray    $169.95     (Feeds 25 - 40)     

Shrimp and Claw TRAY
Pick-up date 11/26 or 11/27
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Cocktail Shrimp TRAY
Pick up on 11/26 or 11/27
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Use the order form below to order your party trays and pay on-line. This sale is for Thanksgiving ONLY - for other orders please use the regular on-line order form. All shrimp and salmon are freshly cooked in Burhop's kitchen. Salmon is poached in a court bouillon and weighed before cooking. If you want us to put the product on your tray, you will need to bring it to us 24 hours before the time of pick-up with your name taped securely to the back. Please don't bring us breakable trays. If your tray is too large or too small for the amount of product, we will let you know. If you are ordering for delivery, go to the Delivery Order page. THIS ORDER FORM IS FOR PICK-UP ONLY! (You can also order trays at sale prices by phone or in the store with a credit card.)
All you have to do is pick your tray up - we'll have it ready and waiting. Then serve, and watch it disappear!




Price is cost of product + $25 garnish fee. 

​10% savings will apply 10/27-11/6

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