Burhop's Recipes come with a caveat...

Years ago, one of our culinary staff made up a recipe and sampled it at one of our stores. A lady came in and tasted it, complimented the dish, and picked up the recipe. She returned a week later and complained - loudly - that the recipe was "faulty" because when she made it at home, it tasted awful. 

     Our culinary person went through the recipe step by step with the woman, and could not find what went wrong, until she asked "did you buy the fish from Burhop's?" The woman replied no, that she'd found it "cheaper" at a local grocery store. Our staff member told the woman "we don't guarantee our recipes with fish that we didn't sell."

     We know our suppliers, we know that our fish is fresher, because we have our own distribution company, and we know how to handle and keep fish fresh. Our fish is picked up at the airport and in our cases the same day; other stores have distribution systems that can leave the fish sitting in a warehouse for a couple of days.

     Another issue is fish that has been "thawed for your convenience."  When you see a fish that is not in season, say sockeye salmon in January, and it's in a store's fresh fish case, the fish was previously frozen. Frozen fish should be left frozen until cooked, it should not be thawed and put in with fresh fish. Thawed fish deteriorates quickly, and it's much better tasting if it's left frozen.

     So be aware, if you buy your fish elsewhere and use one of our recipes, please don't blame us if it doesn't taste good!! A great recipe will not make bad fish taste good.